Ranger Award Medal

Ranger Award Elective Requirements

Cycling / Mountain Biking

These requirements became effective on June 1, 2014.

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  1. Cycling/Mountain Biking
    1. Describe the difference between cycling (touring) and mountain biking.
    2. Laws and Safety
      1. Know the laws governing biking in your state.
      2. Learn and know bicycle safety rules and gear for your preferred type of biking.
      3. Give a presentation and safe biking session to your crew, another crew, a Cub Scout or Boy Scout unit, or another group using the knowledge you have gained.
      4. Demonstrate proper first aid for head injuries.
      (If you choose mountain biking as your discipline, do c(i) and c(ii).)
    3. Rules and environmental impact
      1. Learn the mountain biking rules for the trail as stated by the IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association) and explain what is meant by soft cycling.
      2. Describe environmental considerations that are important for mountain biking and describe ways to lessen their impact on the environment.
    4. Maintenance checklist and journal
      1. Establish a maintenance checklist that needs to be reviewed before each tour or trip.
      2. Make and keep a personal biking journal and record information on at least three tours or trips.
    5. Repair kit
      1. Buy or build a bike tool and repair kit.
      2. Show you know how to use each tool in the kit.
      3. Repair a flat tire, adjust your brakes, properly adjust your seat and handlebars, repair a broken chain, and show you know how to temporarily repair a buckled wheel.
    6. Bike trail project
      1. With the approval of the property owner or land manager, plan and lead a one-day bike trail or road maintenance project.
      2. Write an article about your project for your school or community newspaper.
    7. Cycling trips
      1. Take at least eight separate cycling tours 20 miles in length or eight separate mountain biking treks 10 miles in length.
      2. Keep a personal journal of your eight trips, noting routes covered, weather conditions, sketches, maps, and sights seen. Also note significant things along the trails such as trail markers, downhills, climbs, rocks, drops, log hops, and portages.
    8. In addition to the tours and treks in requirement g, plan and do a two-day cycling tour 50 miles in length or mountain bike trek 40 miles in length. Your trip plan should include routes, food, proper clothing, and safety considerations. Record in your journal.
    9. Do (i) or (ii):
      1. Make a tabletop display or presentation on cycling or mountain biking for your crew, another crew, a Cub Scout or Boy Scout unit, or another group.
      2. Make a where-to-go biking guide for your area which has at least 10 trips or places to bike. Invite your crew, other crews,  (sic) Cub and Scout groups Cub Scout and Boy Scout units, and other groups to use this guide.

Note: We believe there is an editorial error in requirement 11(i)(ii), and the phrase "Cub and Scout groups" should read "Cub Scout and Boy Scout units" to be consistent with all other similar uses in the requirements.

Checklist for use in working on these requirements: Format
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Source: Venturing Awards and Requirements (34784 - SKU 618767) and

Page updated on: November 28, 2017

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